Life / Financial

Life / Financial

At McB Group Insurance Services we are proud to provide you with a diversity of services to help you define and achieve your financial goals and care for you loved ones in the event of an accident or illness.

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance: Allows you to purchase a life policy for a designated period of time. The most affordable option that may allow to continue coverage after the initial term expires.

Permanent Life Insurance: A policy that won’t expire as long as premiums are paid. There may be options available that allow you to surrender or borrow against the policy.

Individual Retirement Plans

A certified Financial planner can assist you in choosing the right retirement plan that meets your individual goals. We offer a wide diversity of plan types and many investment options that are designed to be tailored to your family’s needs.

Supplemental Health and Long Term Care Insurance

These Insurance policies are designed to help you and your family financially when unexpected illness or injury occurs. We offer Cancer, Accident, Long Term Care and Disability Income products to provide the financial protection you need.

Education Savings

These plans are designed to help you cover the expense of qualifying elementary and secondary education, and college  expenses. The right  planning and savings may also provide an additional tax benefit.

We offer a diverse group of financial products designed to help you plan for savings, retirement, education and unexpected illness, injury and long term care.

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